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Publication of Paper entitled: “Cybercrime jurisdiction: past, present and future” by Springer

ERA Forum LogoThe German Publishing Company Springer recently published an article of my authorship titled: “Cybercrime jurisdiction: past, present and future”. This article was published in the ERA Forum Journal of the Academy of European Law as part of my participation as lecturer in the training courses on legal and technical aspects of cybercrime for Judges and Prosecutors organized by the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Germany during 2014 and 2015. Here is the complete bibliography info of the publication:

Article title: Cybercrime jurisdiction: past, present and future
Author: Cristos Velasco
Journal title: ERA Forum Journal of the Academy of European Law
Final version published online: 27 June, 2015
Full bibliographic details: ERA Forum, Journal of the Academy of European Law, Springer (2015), 19 pages.
ISSN 1612-3093
ERA Forum
DOI information: 10.1007/s12027-015-0379-y
Article in PDF available for download here

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